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Foot Steps to Success

How to Be Fit and Successful in All Areas of Your Life

Two women-ONE POWERFUL MESSAGE! Bestselling authors Jennifer Nicole Lee & Carolin Mildner want YOU to be fit & successful in all areas of your life. In this life changing book you will learn how to *Lose weight & feel great *Outsmart emotional eating *Blast fat & gain sexy lean muscle tone BONUS: Fat blasting & Muscle Fueling recipes that will get you fit fast! Both JNL & CM have lost over 140 pounds together-and gained a whole new outlook on life-all while juggling their kids, family & successful businesses! And now they will show YOU their "Footsteps to Success"!

What is JNL FUSION™?

Creator Jennifer Nicole Lee’s motto is “strong is the new skinny” and with JNL FUSION®, your body will get the attention and respect it demands!

Jennifer Nicole Lee created one of the world’s most popular and powerful workout methods to date. JNL FUSION® has been coined the “workout of the millennium” due to it “fusing” both cardio and strength exercised together in one efficient and effective 30 minute workout.  JNL FUSION® is a mix of the most efficient exercise genres including kickboxing, karate, plyometrics and body sculpting to provide you a sizzling hot body with results that are noticeable immediately.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has worked for over a decade in order to create the best, most effective and fastest way to get you into shape. This program revolves around 30 second bursts called Super Spiking, which is all about strength and cardio training infused together! This will take your muscle to the max! “Super Spiking” works because you are building up ripped lean muscle that your body needs to burn fat all day long, which takes "after burn" to a whole new level! With this unique Super Spiking method, you won’t get big and bulky; you will get T & T, toned and tight!




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