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Carolin is the first JNL Fusion Master Trainer in Germany.

She is mother of two boys and started her fitness career after her second pregnancy when she lost almost 80 lbs. Her big weight loss success gave her the passion and love to fitness and the healthy lifestyle.

After this weight loss she trained for her first IFBB show and started to compete in Germany in the Fitness Figure classes with great success. She placed 4th at the IFBB German Championship.

She is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach and Fitness and her goal is to help as many clients as possible and to show the beauty and greatness from JNL FUSION.

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"IT IS TIME FOR JNL FUSION!!!! GET ON THE JNL FUSION TRAIN!  Can´t wait to see you in my class!!"

Carolin - Certified JNL FUSION Master Trainer

See my JNL FUSION Success Story Below!
Carolin Mildner w/ JNL FUSION Creator Jennifer Nicole Lee

I’m a normal woman and a very busy mother of two cheeky little boys. I’m an extremely busy self-employed entrepreneur. And I love to work hard and focus on my business agendas and goals. I’m proud to say that I’ve created my life and have worked very hard to enjoy what I have. I’m blessed to be very happily married to my dream man. My husband and I truly enjoy experiencing the wonder of nature every day as my two boys grow up so quickly right before our eyes!

But this was not always great like this!

After my second pregnancy I weighed about 200 pounds, and I was miserable. My entire body was so sick, weak, and out of whack. I wasn’t able to move properly, as I was so riddled with stress that my body was all locked up. I was so out of shape that when I climbed a flight of stairs, I ran out of breath! Also I had a hard time putting on my shoes, as I had a big belly in my way.

We had very bad financial times and I was a emotional eater! That means I ate to stop the pain and the problems. But this didn´t work at all!
My self-confidence went right out the door! I didn’t feel sexy or pretty at all. I didn’t even like to have my own husband see me naked. I was just so lost, scared, and lonely. I had to do something fast, as it was only going to get worse if I didn’t.

Of course, this situation naturally impacted our marriage. I had to find a solution! I was so ready to make a positive change in my life. I was sad, tired, weak, and lonely. But I had to do something so I could get back in control of my life, my body, my business, and my marriage—and of course so I could be the best mom to my small children. So my search began! And as the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

When my children went to sleep, my quest started. I searched online for diets, exercise, weight loss, and how to finally get in shape once and for all. And it happened—my “aha!” moment. I came across Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Who was this? She had such a similar history to mine, and she looked so amazing in the pictures—strong, sexy, powerful, successful, and desirable—that I was a loyal follower and the absolute JNL fan within a short time.

I had a new and definite goal, to become fit and successful just like JNL. I also wanted to have her goddess body, the stunning “superhero” charisma, and her contagious positive energy.

I know that the saying “ask and you shall receive” is true. I asked, and it happened! Thoughts become things! So now through my desire to get out of my own dark rut, I had found the solution and discovered that it is possible to have the life and body of your dreams. At that time, I had no idea what else would come to pass: our first book! You see, I’m here to tell you that I not only got in shape but also became more successful and fulfilled in my life.

After I got back on track, I began to really soak up the fitness information. I wanted to know and learn so much! I just had to find out how to crack my weight-loss code, how to train the right way for long-lasting weight-loss results. I look back now and celebrate having trained with the JNL Fusion exercise videos—and I can see just how they sparked my fitness fire!

Day after day I kept myself motivated to stay on my weight-loss journey by reading JNL’s books, looking at her “before” and “after” photos, and also purchasing her other fitness products and programs. Of course, I read every page of her books and soaked up all the information like a sponge!

Losing weight, gaining sleek, sexy muscle tone, and getting in shape wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed it, and it was fun because I was following a successful fitness icon who made it fun, entertaining, and super-engaging. JNL wasn’t boring or too serious, which made me want to work out more. I actually looked forward to training with her and doing the workouts. Little by little my body got stronger, fitter, and better. I actually started to crave healthy food. I also began to feel more attractive and beautiful. This was a fantastic feeling. For once I loved the way I looked and felt. I wanted to take care of myself in order to fulfill my dream: to have a firm and enviable body that made me feel sexy and desirable, as well as lasting fitness and health. I was happy with myself, and I was happier with my husband and my kids; I just loved life so much. I was at my fullest potential and making the most of the once-horrible situation that the financial crisis had put me through.

I had found my passion. I finally got off my downward spiral and got onto my upward spiral. I became a certified personal-fitness trainer and trained myself for competitions as an elite IFBB Pro Figure fitness athlete. Then I decided to really go for it and sign up for my first fitness competition! I even went another step further by contacting JNL, as she was hosting one of her world-famous Fitness Model Factory one-day mega-events.

Jennifer was so excited about my story that she accepted me into their family and has since become my mentor. I have learned so much; my business has grown, and now I’m proud to say that I am the number-one JNL Fusion master trainer of Germany.

I am incredibly grateful to JNL for this wonderful, life-changing, unique opportunity. It was my destiny to find these Footsteps to Success because now I can share them with you all and pay it forward!

I still can’t believe that I was once an overweight, depressed mom who had no clear vision of a promising future. And now, by following the Footsteps to Success, I am a professional fitness competitor. I still pinch myself because my body transformation was so evident that I have enjoyed a huge success in just my first professional competition season. In the spring of 2013, I even qualified for the German championship and was able to successfully place in the top five in the professional circuit.
To sum it all up, I am the complete Cinderella story. I went from the bottom straight to the top! I never gave up; I kept the faith, believed in myself, and continued following the Footsteps to Success. I lost almost eighty pounds for good, and now I enjoy being a fitness expert, coach, wellness consultant, and lifestyle expert in high demand—and now a published author. I was once a shy, overweight mom who hated her body, and now I love to fitness model and rock the camera! I also enjoy being a leader of the JNL Fusion workout method.

Now it is time to give you the same chance to increase your energy, your potential and your body you always dreamed about!

Can´t wait to see you in my class!!
Carolin Mildner -
Certified JNL FUSION Master Trainer

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